• Hi, I’m Lexi…

    Bio2-PicI’m 23 going on 12, and I’m a country music and scary movie enthusiast. I have flaming red hair…and, unlike when I was 7, I love it. I have a really obnoxious laugh…according to my little sister. I’m that girl who will never be ashamed to be different. I love sparkly things, makeup, dresses, zombies…and puppies. I talk way more than any person ever should, which is ironic because I stutter. But even though some days are harder than others, I’m not ashamed of it anymore.signature-blue

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  • Be Your Own Hero

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    The “Be Your Own Hero” Tour is more than just a list of tour dates. It’s a movement. When it comes right down to it, being your own hero means finding out who you really are in life. It’s a path to self-discovery and self-acceptance; a path that I travel every day.

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  • PACER Outreach Program

    Every artist dreams of making a name for themselves in the music business, and that’s my dream too. But what’s really important to me is to be happy with what I’m doing with my life and to be proud of myself for being who I am. That’s why I am extremely proud to be a spokesperson for the national organization, PACER Teens Against Bullying, and why I’ve put together a School Outreach Program to help teachers and schools reach their kids about bullying prevention. The program provides a presentation to the student body with lots of fun, interaction, songs and skits that will keep the kid’s attention while sending the message that bullying is cruel, not cool.

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